How a curmudgeonly old reporter exposed the FIFA scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter

The biggest news story of the year was breaking, but the journalist responsible was fast asleep. It was just after dawn on May 27 when Andrew Jennings’s phone began ringing. Swiss police had just launched a startling raid on a luxury hotel in Zurich, arresting seven top FIFA officials and charging them and others with running a $150 million racket. The world was stunned. More »

GLAAD responds to Vanity Fair cover featuring Caitlyn Jenner, releases updated tip sheet for journalists

GLAAD today responded to Vanity Fair’s July 2015 cover, featuring Caitlyn Jenner. “By sharing her journey with the world, Caitlyn Jenner is accelerating acceptance of transgender people everywhere and reminds us all how important it is to live as your most authentic self,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. More »

Bruce Jenner\'s Special With Diane Sawyer On ABC\'s 20/20 Sets New Bar For Reporting On Transgender Issues

Before Diane Sawyer’s blockbuster interview with Bruce Jenner aired on ABC, she told George Stephanopoulos, “This is a family love story.” More »

8 Sad Truths About Women in Media

A new report shows how far women must go in order to achieve real gender parity More »

Newspaper reporter is ‘the worst job of 2015′ JIMROMENESKO.COM

Newspaper reporter lands on the bottom of CareerCast’s Jobs Rated list for 2015. Last year, it was #199 out of 200 occupations. Today’s press release says: More »


NATIVE Media takes on local media planning

NATIVE Media takes on local media planning

Image: Native Media

NATIVE VML recently launched NATIVE Media, a total-audience, full channel media solution that the agency believes is set to change the industry.

By Remy Raitt

Social media’s new gatekeepers of Digital Age news

Image: (Autumn Parry/The News & Advance via AP) (Autumn Parry / AP)

What happened last week in Virginia could become the new mass-shooting template for disgruntled madmen who become gunmen.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen too many copy-cat criminal acts in America the Ballistic.

Streaming, online video advertising jumps by 66% reports “U.S. ad agencies are warming up to the idea of advertising on streaming and online video, reports Strata, a Chicago-based company that develops software for media buyers.

Two Victorian new media artists awarded National Portrait Gallery’s digital portrait prize

Isabelle de Kleine's winning work UntitledPhoto: Isabelle de Kleine was the joint winner of the National Portrait Gallery’s digital portrait prize for her work Untitled.

Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies

Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media StudiesHank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies

The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies offers an innovative and integrated approach to research and study of today’s dynamic news, advertising, public relations, and social media in traditional and digital environments.

How cynical has NZ politics become?

Previous Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark Helen Clark

Previous Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark instigated a no-surprises policy that imposed a degree of political management on departments.

Image: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

It is also questionable whether New Zealand’s democracy has been strengthened or weakened by what has effectively been the creeping politicisation of the Public Service.

Back in 1989, many, but not all, the press secretaries who worked for ministers were career public servants.

The politics behind China’s stock market turbulence

New members of the Politburo Standing Committee, from left, Zhang Gaoli, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Dejiang, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Yu Zhengsheng and Wang Qishan stand in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, 15 November 2012

Presenting a public united front is key to the Communist Party


One of the most extraordinary things about the world’s number two economy is that when it faces a crisis, the leadership carries on in public as if nothing has happened. 

CJN is going to Highway Africa

Join Wits Journalism in 2016Join Wits Journalism in 2016

The media innovation conference is hosting the citizen journalism project on a panel this coming Sunday

The Citizen Justice Network (CJN) is a radio citizen journalism project that Wits Radio Academy and Wits Justice Project have been working on for almost a year.

Former Pakistan petroleum minister Dr Asim Hussain sent on remand to Rangers for 90 days

Dr-Asim-Hussain-90-Day-Rangers-RemandPakistani authorities have arrested former federal minister for petroleum, Dr Asim Hussain, who was taken into custody on Wednesday in Karachi. An anti-terrorism court in Karachi remanded former petroleum minister and Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman Dr Asim Hussain into Rangers custody for 90 days.

Dr Asim was picked up from his office the day day before and taken to an undisclosed location for questioning. He was later transferred into the custody of Rangers personnel, who presented him in the Anti-terrorist Court (ATC) today under strict security.

Komli Media merges with SVG Media

SVG Media-1024x482

Gurgaon-based digital media network, SVG Media, that runs businesses like Tyroo, DGM, SeventyNine and Precision Match has announced that it is merging Komli Media’s India business and global brand rights with itself.

However, the financial detail of the deal has been left undisclosed.

Get safer drinking water the natural way

Get safer drinking water the natural wayHousehold bacteria can be a serious issue affecting your health. In fact, the very steps we take to eliminate harmful bacteria may be spreading it. Everyone washes their fresh fruits and vegetables, but the water in your pipes may contain even more bacteria, especially if you have hard water.

The problem isn’t only in the kitchen. When you take a hot shower, the steam you are inhaling can also contain the same microbial contamination that is in the rest of your plumbing, exposing you to pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella, which can cause Legionnaire’s disease.